Product description

A Biodegradable Penetrator Adjuvant, to Enhance the Effectiveness of certain Herbicides, Pyrethroid Insecticides, Defoliants and Desiccants.

F.S.A. Sticken Spray Adjuvant improves your spray results by:

  • Increasing penetration through waxy cuticles
  • Increasing wetting and spreading of spray droplets
  • Reducing spray droplet evaporation rates


Product and Safety Information
  • F.S.A. Sticken Spray Adjuvant Label
  • 324Kb
  • F.S.A. Sticken Spray Adjuvant SDS
  • 45Kb
Active Ingredients
METHYL and ETHYL Esters OF FREE FATTY ACIDS derived from Refined Canola Oil 704 g/L
Pack Sizes
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